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HDC's project
  • The development of low and medium-cost housing for sale to the low-income earners in Sarawak.
  • Type A = Affordable Housing costing RM50,400 – RM59,220
  • House Size:  650-700 sq ft.  with three bedroom
  • Type B = Medium- Affordable Housing costing RM80,000 – RM100,000
  • House Size:850 sq ft. with three bedrooms

  • Type A

    Type B

Federal Government Program implemented in Sarawak through Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad ( a company formed by the Federal Ministry of Finance Inc.) and HDC

- A special program to assist poor farmers, fishermen and village folks with no proper housing

- Comes in one design: detached house (on the ground).

- Costing between RM 57,000 to RM 65,000 depending on areas in Sarawak

Objective :as Transit Housing to achieve Zero Squatters

Rental : RM 150 monthly

Flat size : 700sq ft., 3 bedrooms

Completed projects are:

a) PPR Demak laut, Kuching  (256 units)
b) PPR Sri Wangi, Kuching  (200 units)
c) PPR Taman Dahlia, Matang batu 5, Kuching (816 units)
d) PPR Batu Gong (500 units)
e) PPR Seduan, Sibu (500 units)
f) PPR Bintulu (1000 units)

PPR Sri Wangi

PPR Taman Dahlia
Longhouse Loan Scheme is a special loan given to the natives residing in longhouses for renovation of individual units or for the purpose of building new longhouses (especially in the case of fire).

Has been implemented by HDC since 1976

Loans in the form of building materials amounting RM10,000 per unit/family

Pre Requisite :

- Longhouse of not less than 10 “bilik”/units
- Land Status:  Longhouse not built on government land
- Household income of applicant not less than RM350.00
* For further information please contact HDC Longhouse section at 082 - 446041
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