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Our housing programs
RMM-Rumah Mampu Milik
  • The development of low and medium-cost housing for sale to the low- income earners in Sarawak.
  • Type A = Affordable Housing costing RM40,000 – RM47,000
  • House Size: 650-700 sq ft. with three bedroom
  • Type B = Medium- Affordable Housing costing RM80,000 – RM100,000
  • House Size:850 sq ft. with three bedrooms
RMR-Rumah Mesra Rakyat
  • Federal Government Program implemented in Sarawak through Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad ( a company formed by the Federal Ministry of Finance Inc.) and HDC
  • A special program to assist poor farmers, fishermen and village folks with no proper housing
  • Comes in two designs: detached house (on the ground) and detached house (on stilts - 8 feet)
  • Costing between RM 57,000 to RM 65,000 depending on areas in Sarawak


PPR-Program Perumahan Rakyat (Rental)
  • Federal Government Program undertaken by National Housing Department
  • Flats are handed over to the State Government through HDC upon completion for distribution and management of the flats
  • Objective : as Transit Housing to achieve Zero Squatters
  • Rental : RM 150 monthly
  • Flat size : 700sq ft., 3 bedrooms
PPRP-Program Pinjaman Rumah Panjang
  • Longhouse Loan Scheme is a special loan given to the natives residing in longhouses for renovation of individual units or for the purpose of building new longhouses (especially in the case of fire).
  • Has been implemented by HDC since 1976
  • Loans in the form of building materials amounting RM10,000 per unit/family
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