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HDC begins facilitating home scheme payment via ‘JomPay’
Posted on : 22 Jan 2018  Source of News: The Borneo Post

KUCHING: Residents who are under Housing Development Corporation (HDC) housing scheme will be able to use a safer and more convenient alternative payment method via ‘JomPay’.

Those living in RPR Sri Makmur Matang will be the first to use JomPay under HDC’s pilot project, from which the corporation will get feedback on the new system from the flat residents.

“JomPay is a national initiative – one that enables bill payment throughout Malaysia via registered banks. With JomPay, they (those under housing scheme) can make payments using funds from their savings or current accounts.

“Previously, they would need to withdraw cash and go to HDC counters to make payment,” said HDC chief executive officer Mohamad Asman Ahmad during a briefing and question-answer session with the residents of RPR Sri Makmur Matang at HDC office here yesterday.

The flat residents were invited to the session on JomPay, where Asman was present to answer all enquiries that they might have about the system.

Asman said the new payment method would be in line with the Chief Minister’s vision of transforming the state into a digital economy.

The initiative is run in cooperation with CIMB Bank – through JomPay, residents can make payment either via CIMB ATMs or online via CIMB Clicks.

As far as the residents of RPR Sri Makmur Matang are concerned, 579 active accounts out of 720 accounts will benefit from JomPay.

“We encourage all residents to give feedback on JomPay from time to time, and we hope to extend JomPay to other HDC projects. The application can also help solve late payment problems,” said Asman, adding that HDC has 47,000 active accounts across the state.

“The residents can now start using JomPay – the system is officially activated today (yesterday).”

At the session yesterday, JomPay cards were handed over to the flat residents.

It can be seen that each card has the biller’s code and reference numbers to enable payment to HDC via JomPay.

“We hope to distribute the cards in the first quarter of this year so that everyone can use JomPay,” said Asman.

HDC accounts and finance department head Roziah Wahid, RPR Sri Makmur Residents Committee chairman Uwan Anjut and CIMB representative Damien Chua were also present at the session.